Guaranteed to earn more from your traffic with the new cashback link tool

Cashback features are provided by Giftmio cashback service

How cashback links works

Make sure to mention that users will need to register first to receive cashback from this purchase.
Get lifetime comissions without cookie limits, averaging $30 user/yearly.
Use this link as before and highlight the cashback opportunity
Earn standard affiliate comission and additional income from future orders
Leave your application on this page to participate in the program and gain access to new cashback links.
Pick up a new cashback link in cabinet

Affiliate vs Cashback Link

Revenues Journey

and generate cashback link
Affiliate Link
Opening or closing channel
You as publisher earn 100% publisher commission from purchase based on attribution via advertiser’s deeplink.
for example 10$ comission from purchase
Adblock, ePrivacy and many other factors that affect order tracking negatively due to settings in the user's browser. For example, Adblock is used in Desktop/Mobile by 700 million Internet users worldwide, and in some countries this figure reaches up to 40% of the active Internet audience.
The Giftmio project, providing cashback links - is separated and extremely motivated team to maximize your income from your referred users.
Your source may be interrupted by other traffic sources, as there are marketing and closing traffic sources (e.g. coupon sites, cashback and loyalty programs). According to Admitad this percentage can be as high as 24% - that's about how many orders you can lose by using an affiliate link.
Cashback Link
Only closing marketing channel
You as a publisher 100% publisher commission from purchase from advertiser, for whom the cashback link was generated.
for example 10$ comission from purchase
Many types of traffic do not have the possibility to retention, i.e. to attract this user again and earn on his purchases. You lose contact with your user, on whom you have earned once.
The amount of the user's cashback is 50% or more of the amount of commission you received as a publisher.
The user is interested in receiving his cashback and therefore user will make the necessary settings in the browser privacy or Adblock, in order for us to be able to credit him cashback.
You as a publisher receive 50% commission on all purchases made by a referred user within 12 months. The amount of this commission averages $20 per user based on our statistics.
Following restrictions on the type of traffic, for example coupon sites are not allowed.

How to generate cashback link

and generate cashback link

How it works for your users

By default, the user sees the question: Want to save up to X%?, where X — is the maximum cashback rate.
You can customize this text.
For that, type your custom phrase into the Link text field when creating a link. Please note that in this case, the cashback rate won't be shown.
and generate cashback link
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